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Professional Spring Cleaning for Melbourne

Here at WeClean Melbourne, our expert cleaning team has a wealth of experience in providing spring cleaning services that will leave your property looking spotless. Whether you need to have your house sparkling clean before moving out, or you just want a thorough seasonal tidy up of your home, we can take care of it all. 
All end of lease and spring cleans are are performed by our residential based cleaning division WeClean Melbourne. 
What is a spring clean?

A spring clean is very similar to an end of lease clean, but the only difference is that the house is currently in use. That is, furniture and other such items are still present at the property, while with an end of lease clean all of these would have been previously removed.

Our spring cleaning packages also include our end of lease cleaning criteria, so rest assured that if you are seeking this service, it will be completed to the highest level of standards.
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Price system for spring cleaning services

Single storey spring clean: 

1. Bedroom premises - $200
2. Bedroom premises - $250
3. Bedroom premises - $300
4. Bedroom premises - $350
5. Bedroom premises - $375

Double storey spring clean:

1. Bedroom premises - $250
2. Bedroom premises - $300
3. Bedroom premises - $350
4. Bedroom premises - $400
5. Bedroom premises - $425
Please note: carpet steam cleaning includes a $50 set fee.

What are the requirements for a spring clean?

Fortunately, unlike end of lease cleanings, spring cleans do not require all furniture and non-essential objects to be removed from the premises. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind. Our cleaners are not allowed to remove, move, or rearrange furniture, objects, etc. and thus may not be able to clean an area that they otherwise could (e.g. the carpet area under the couch). For this reason, we recommend all our clients that request spring cleanings ensure that furniture and objects are arranged in such a way that creates minimal obstruction.

Why are your end of lease cleanings and springs cleanings the same price?

The main reason for this is the standard of work required. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there are objects and furniture located in the premises, the same sort of results cannot be expected. Nevertheless, our cleaners attempt to perform spring cleanings to the same standard they would do so for an end of lease clean (hence why our criteria list covers both end of lease and spring cleanings).

The result of this isn’t just a quick clean, but rather a truly extensive interior clean that is thoroughly planned with requirements and standards to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Do you have any guarantees for spring cleanings?

As spring cleanings are slightly different in nature compared to end of lease cleanings (where we have a bond back guarantee), WeClean Melbourne has a criteria list guarantee instead.
This ensures that where our cleaners have missed one of the requirements stated in the end of lease/spring clean cleaning criteria, WeClean Melbourne will be responsible for sending out our cleaners again and rectifying any issues at no additional cost to the client.

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