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High Pressure Cleaning

Hot and cold water high pressure cleaning solutions
"High pressure cleaning, also known as pressure washing is the process of using pressurised water in order to remove grime, dirt, and other unwanted substances."

What's the difference between hot water and cold water high pressure cleaning?

Standard Types of High Pressure Cleaning methods:

Hot-Water High-Pressure Cleaning:  Hot water high pressure cleaning involves using heated water in order to remove oil, grease and similar substances. 

Cold-Water High-Pressure Cleaning: Cold water high pressure cleaning is your standard high pressure cleaning method, and involves spraying water at either low, medium or high pressure levels in order to safely clean objects and surfaces.   

High pressure cleaning involves the use of a high-pressure water spray, often heated to remove dirt, grime, mud, loose paint, debris and mould from a surface. High pressure cleaning is important to our clients who seek an outstanding result and a safe environment.  

High pressure cleaning can be broken down into two main types, which involve spraying cold water or hot water through a heating system. Esicon offers both and certain scenarios demand a different response.

Cold water high pressure cleaning is our most cost effective method of removing dirt, dust and debris from a surface. This method is considered the norm, and often introduces detergents to blast away any unwanted surface matter. Cold water high pressure cleaning is often the method of choice by our customers, who seek an attractive finish. Esicon uses the latest quality equipment in order to accomplish this and fulfil our customers’ highest expectations.

The introduction of hot water high pressure cleaning greatly enhances its effectiveness in some situations. Such scenarios require the use of heated water throughout the cleaning, such as in the presence of oil or grease. High pressure heated water deals with these situations quickly and neatly. Esicon offers these services with our specialised machinery and highly trained staff, who are more than capable in delivering an attractive and cost effective method. 

For high pressure cleaning services, trust Esicon to deliver the results you are after.

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