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Giovanni Iacono | Group Leader 

After Construction Cleaning Services in Melbourne

When you create something from scratch, there’s bound to be an enormous mess. A regular cleaning crew can’t handle the type of debris that construction leaves behind, so let Esicon handle the clean-up after and during construction. We have the experience to do the job quickly and thoroughly to the satisfaction of everyone. We can handle any job in Melbourne, no matter how large.

Types of Cleans

We offer several types of construction cleaning services for your convenience. No matter what stage your project is in or how you want it to look, Esicon can do the dirty work for you. Just choose the type of service you need and contact us for more details.

Pre-build clean: Get a clean start for your construction project. We’ll get rid of any debris or rubbish on the land you plan to work with and ready it for construction. Let Esicon get rid of anything that would get in your way.

Maintenance clean: You can keep your project on schedule by having Esicon come by periodically throughout your construction. We’ll get rid of the grime and dust to make sure your project is clean and safe for your workers. We highly recommend this service—it’s a client favourite, and we specialise in these cleans.

Builder's clean: During or near the completion of your project, you need the rubbish gone so you can thoroughly inspect your work and apply any finishing touches. We’ll collect debris created by the construction process and touch up the site so you can see what you’re doing.

Final clean: Give your client a good impression of your work by having a final clean performed. After your work is complete, we’ll provide an after-construction cleaning to eliminate the dust and rubbish that all construction generates, leaving the project in pristine condition. By choosing this option, you ensure that your work will be fully ready to hand over to your client.

Esicon ensures effective and hassle-free service for our clients by employing experienced, hard-working professionals. Let us clean your construction project—call us on 1300 932 532 today.

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Construction Cleaning Services

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