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Why we believe in transparency

Our commitment to ethical practices through transparency

At Esicon our values and sense of corporate responsibility are what set us apart from our competitors.

The cleaning industry is well known for its corruption and malpractice. Acts such as labelling employees as sub-contractors, operating without workers’ liability insurance or lacking the necessary WH&S standards (as required by Victorian legislation) greatly increase the risks to staff and clients alike. Esicon is firmly against such practices and demonstrates our high standards every day.

We do not for example subcontract any aspects of our service or outsource them in any way or form. All our cleaners are ‘in house’ as such, and operate under the Esicon banner. This leads to greater accountability as well as ensuring that sophisticated quality assurance systems are in place.
We have a complete transparency policy for example which is one of a kind in the Construction Cleaning market, and demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety. As part of the policy we give our clients access to documents relating to Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance or compliance with Victorian and Australian legislation. The purpose of our transparency is to create greater trust between ourselves and our clients, and allow you to feel confident knowing that our policies and procedures are true to what we claim. In today’s environment, it is not just enough to claim that your services are delivered in accordance with applicable laws. At Esicon we back this up with our complete transparency policy, ensuring that we are held accountable for who we are and what we claim.

We take pride in our unique approach and know that our clients value it too. This unique perspective has allowed us to build relationships with some of Victoria’s largest commercial builders, who value our integrity and nobility.

You can trust Esicon to be firmly scrupulous in all our activities and operations.  

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Why we're popular with large commercial builders

Esicon is a name that is often associated with quality, integrity and transparency. These key sets of qualities have played a significant role in providing our services to some of the largest construction companies throughout Victoria. When commercial builders choose Esicon they know that what they get is exactly what it seems.
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