End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning crew in Melbourne
End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning for the Melbourne Area

All end of lease and spring cleans are are performed by our residential based cleaning division WeClean Melbourne.
What is an end of lease cleaning?

An end of lease cleaning is usually executed when there is a change in tenant, and is most easily described as the cleaning of all parts of a home that are considered to be part of the house’s internal structure. Doesn’t sound so complicated, does it? Well, at WeClean Melbourne, doing the job right is our number-one priority, and that’s why our dedicated team has produced a comprehensive checklist to ensure that all our end of lease cleanings are completed to the utmost quality. What’s more, all of our end of lease cleanings include a Bond Back Guarantee, which applies up to seven days from the date of our services being performed.
End of lease cleaning crew in Melbourne
Here at WeClean Melbourne, our expert cleaning team has a wealth of experience in providing end of lease and spring cleaning services that will leave your property looking spotless. Whether you need to have your house sparkling clean before moving out, or you just want a thorough seasonal tidy up of your home, we can take care of it all. 

Price system for end of lease cleaning services

 Single storey end of lease clean: 

Prices start from $200 for our standard single storey End of Lease Cleaning packages 

Double storey end of lease clean:

Prices start from $250 for our standard double storey End of Lease Cleaning packages

please note that carpet steam cleaning is a separate service, and incurs an additional fee. 

End of Lease Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning Services

Single storey
Double storey

Are all Bond Back Policies the same? How does yours work?

Unfortunately not all Bond Back Policies are the same, and as such it may be worthwhile getting in touch with your particular provider in order to make the process as transparent as possible. WeClean Melbourne's process is as follows.

1) WeClean Melbourne performs an End of Lease Cleaning at the request of the client. The job must be paid for prior, during, or just after job completion. Please note that unless otherwise specified, credit terms will not apply. 

2) There are aspects of the job that are deemed unsatisfactory. In the case where their is a real estate agent, the real estate agent must perform the inspection and provide us with a clear and definite checklist of what must be rectified. If their isn't a real estate agent, WeClean Melbourne will require a checklist from the client in order to perform the required rework. Please note that checklists cannot be updated once rework has occurred, so make sure the list contains everything that is required. If some of these aspects are beyond our control, we will inform you at the time of rework being requested. 

3) Please provide at least 7 business days from the date we receive the required checklist. Even though we often perform rework in the next couple of days from a checklist being provided, it is often recommended to ensure that their is ample time in order to accommodate for any complications during the process such as the rarity of rework needing to be performed for a second time. Even if you cannot provide us with 7 business days we will attempt to perform rework as per usual, ideally within the next couple of days, but please note that in this situation we cannot provide a refund if time was deemed to be an obstacle in rectifying our work. 

4) If 7 business days has been provided, the rectifications in questions were within our control, and the property is still considered to be sub-par, the client will receive a refund for the cost of our services equating to the price charged for carpet steam cleaning, end of lease cleaning or if applicable both. 

Terms and Conditions apply, so please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Your packages seem overpriced – I have found cheaper quotes elsewhere so why should I choose your organisation?

Unfortunately this is a question we hear far too often, and the reality is that professional cleaning services do cost a small fortune. Even though there are many other businesses out there that are willing to do the work for a fraction of what we charge, it is important to note that engaging cleaning services with a professional firm is something that is essential in order to receive a bond return. 

Important questions to ask before engaging with a professional cleaning firm:

Will I be able to reach the cleaning business if my real estate agent requires rework?

Do they have their own website or any other form of indication that could suggest their expertise in this field?

Are they able to provide you with a comprehensive checklist that demonstrates that they understand the criteria of the work? If not, how are they able to fulfil the criteria of an end of lease clean if they themselves do not understand what is required? (our comprehensive checklist is available via our terms and conditions page)

If I do require rework, will the company be able to provide me with this in a timely manner in order to ensure that i do not need to pay any additional fees?

weclean melbourne document signing process for lease

My real estate agent requires the keys to my premises on the same day as the cleaning, and I am worried that if I require rework I will fail to meet my deadline.

At WeClean Melbourne, we understand that moving house is often a very stressful time for many families and individuals. Unfortunately no company can promise you that rework will not be required, but at WeClean Melbourne we can promise you that our expertise in this field is second to none. Most of our cleaners have only been required to fulfil rework a handful of times, and have consistently performed end of lease cleaning services to a level of standard that is high enough to satisfy even the most stringent of real estate agents.

To book an end of lease cleaning, call WeClean Melbourne on 1300 932 532 today.

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