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Esicon isn’t your standard construction & industrial cleaning firm.  From the very beginning we set out to establish an organisation that was different from our competitors, and fill a gap in the market that only the most competent of firms were able to supplement. 

Esicon specialise in the builders clean of large scale commercial constructions projects, as well as the industrial cleaning of manufacturing facilities and other types of similar factories. Our commitment towards quality assurance and ethical practices have meant that both of these services have become prominent in their respective markets, often leading the way in workmanship as well as technical advances. 

Our success in the construction cleaning market for one is largely attributed to our "no-shortcuts" approach, which we emphasis throughout every corner of Esicon's service. Each and every policy implemented by Esicon has contributed to making our flagship builders clean better than ever. Some key differences of our organisation are listed below:
  • Esicon stand firmly by the belief that all cleaning services must be performed in-house in order to ensure only the highest quality of standards. As a result we do not engage in the use of sub-contractors, and rely solely on our internal workforce in the provision of our services. 
  • All Front-line managers at Esicon are highly experienced before joining our company. Some are recruited for their extensive history in conforming services to internationally accredited quality assurance systems, whilst others are recruited for their experience in managing large scale commercial operations in one industry or another. Regardless of their background, all our front-line managers poses the skills, training & experience in order to conform services to the highest level of workmanship. 
Percentage of Victorian Commercial Builders that Work with Esicon

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