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Why we believe in transparency

Our commitment to ethical practices through transparency

The Australian cleaning industry is well known for its dodgy underworld, but here at Esicon we are committed to changing that.

We have a complete transparency policy when it comes to providing our services, with documents relating to Occupational Health & Safety, Employment, or any other ethical concern being available to our clients through a simple request.  

In today's era its not just enough to claim that your services are done in accordance with applicable laws, but our complete transparency policy talks louder than just words, assuring you that our name and values stand true to who we are and what we claim. 

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Why we're popular with large commercial builders
Esicon is a name that is often associated with quality, integrity and transparency. These key sets of qualities have played a significant role in providing our services to some of the largest construction companies throughout Victoria. When commercial builders choose Esicon they know that what they get is exactly what it seems.

A common practice of labelling employees as contractors by cleaning firms for example can have disastrous results when operating on large scale multi - million dollar projects. Insurance policies held by the cleaning firm such as Public Liability Insurance are suddenly worthless if something goes wrong, an aspect that if their clients had been aware of would have been much more reluctant to engage them in the first place. 

Insurance policies such as these cover only the cleaning firm and its employees themselves, not their contractors, and is a risk that many unscrupulous cleaning firms take in order to maximise profits and escape employee entitlements.  

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