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High Pressure Cleaning

Hot and cold water high pressure cleaning solutions
"High pressure cleaning which is also known as pressure washing is the process of using pressurised water in order to remove grime, dirt, and other unwanted substances."

What's the difference between hot water and cold water high pressure cleaning?

Types of High - Pressure Cleaners:

Hot-Water High-Pressure Cleaning: With state of the art high pressure cleaning machinery, trust Esicon to cut through grease and grime and present an unrivalled result that would otherwise be unobtainable. Our equipment is specifically designed to cut through even the most challenging of substances, and will create results that are otherwise not achievable through your standard cold-water high-pressure cleaner. 

Cold-Water High-Pressure Cleaning: The most cost-effective method of high-pressure cleaning and is recommended in most situations unless their is a need to remove grease and grime. Our Cold-Water High Pressure Cleaners tend to have considerably higher PSI then your standard High-Pressure Cleaners, and results in a clean that is second to none in most scenarios. 

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